Melissa Ann Lambert



Current Works series:


Melissa Ann Lambert employs digital media and photographic elements in a painterly fashion, creating half-submerged half-worlds populated by elusive, febrile presences and potent, concentrated spectacles of pure -- or nearly pure -- light. Nothing is as it seems -- nor, as the Zen koan reminds us, is it otherwise."


- Peter Frank, writer

" Employing an arsenal of digital tools, Melissa Lambert mines a hallucinatory territory embedded with personal codes and signals that lend her dizzying, pixelated surfaces unusual depth."


- Michael Ned Holte, writer

"Melissa Ann Lambert is definitely in the inner worlds mode of Matta, Onslow-Ford, and Paalen. The blurring of inner and outer, micro and macro, she has that. Count me among her fans."


- William Sheehy, Latin American Masters Bergamot Station, gallery owner

"When I first met Melissa Lambert she presented a world to me that blocked out all others, and I received new dimension in my own life. I have collected and followed her work since 2005 and introduced her work to others, who have been as equally taken by her work.

"In a way I see her work relating to, say, the work of Wallace Berman-- one which originated from the verifax machine and the other from digital manipulation through a computer.

"I recently declined to donate work to a Museum because I felt it needed to stay in my collection."


- Diana Zlotnick, collector


Melissa Lambert gives a new, unusual complexity to the digital photocollage, including an aqueous depth and obscured detail that forces the viewer to oscillate between the overall composition, essentially abstract, and the referential details of the imagery. At the same time, Lambert’s compositions, orbital and heraldic, set up a whole different framework for “reading” her pictures. “


- Peter Frank, writer, curator


Melissa Ann Lambert's work combines a powerful, hallucinatory immediacy with the inexplicable, overwhelming otherness of a religious vision, or perhaps an alien first contact. Working in an eclectic mix of non-traditional electronic media, Lambert creates extraordinary, unforgettable works of art which seize your attention with the astonishing and luminous complexity of their vision. Her work is a bold and passionate exploration of the possibilities of light and color, profound, enigmatic, and moving in a way that brings to mind Kandinsky and astrophysics, Byzantine iconography and the quantum world, archaic dreamtime and the still-in-the-works virtual future, all without being anything less than utterly original.

-Michael Ian Churchman, 2014, collector


MELISSA ANN LAMBERT produces images of profound depth and mystery, even when their sources and subjects are as familiar to us as our own names. Exploiting new technologies and new sources of visual material, Lambert conjures a world – perhaps a universe – that reveals its secrets and its complexities with a reticent grandeur, cloaking them in an obscurity resistant, but ultimately not immune, to the eye’s penetration. In this way, even when creating portraits of well-known people and including well-known things in her atmospheric compositions, Lambert poses us a gentle challenge, to come into her visual realm, where events unfold gradually and resonantly.

-Peter Frank, 2012, writer



Jazz in L.A. Series:


"Melissa Lambert's atmospheric images of live jazz in LA embrace the mood, giving imagery to the music itself. Employing a variety of tools, the photographs exist on multitude of levels. Notes and phrases lyrically weave in and out of one another, providing a rich canvas of rhythm and melody. The image becomes the music."

-- Greg Cohen, photographer, curator, and writer

"Melissa Lambert wants to preserve the magic of the moment as she photographs jazz musicians playing in dark, smoky clubs. She then draws directly onto the photographic images. The result: fresh, surreal and kinetic."


- Diana Zlotnick, collector



Self Portrait series:


These digital photo collages have a remarkable atmospheric, almost viscous depth to them, establishing viscerally felt spaces in which unlikely elements encounter one another.

-Peter Frank,  writer


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