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Melissa Ann Lambert - Mixed Media Artist

Today’s featured artist, Melissa Ann Lambert is a California mixed media artist and  has graciously included an original poem for this project.  No other artist has done that so far.  I’m excited…


I gazed
A stream of souls
And shouted of their numbers, Why?
They marched a circle round my goals,
And merging, rumored of a spy




-Melissa Ann Lambert, 2012

What is your artist statement?

My art, whether abstract, figurative, or combinations of both, explores dimensional vibrations through the use of line, color, symbolism and form. Geometry, particle physics, holonomic brain theory, and Jung's theories of synchronicity of the collective unconscious all inform my work.

Perceiving the concepts contained in the above theories, I strive to reveal the deeper dimensions and innate spirituality that exist in the here and now of every moment.

Which is your favorite work of yours and why?



It's hard to pick a favorite, because the most recent one I've done always seems to be "the best I've done yet;" however having said that it's a psychological state of mind that I'm in and I immediately look forward to doing a new piece. I do especially love “Doppelgänger” however, not only because it looks great in a lightbox at 48" square (plans in the future include producing work in LED panels), but also because my boyfriend and I met when he curated the piece into a show. I also really love the last one that took me five months and one day to create, called “Joule.”



Joule - M.A. Lambert

What is your favorite thing you've purchased in the last 30 days and why?

I did a small edition of my works in a catalog. Only 16 images are displayed, however that is enough to give someone (ideally a gallery owner) a good idea of my current body of work.


What do you think about "The Scream" auctioning @ $120 million on May 2nd?

Overall I think it's awesome, as it's bringing awareness of the power of art to the general public. Having said that, however, I think it's a shame that most artists – or at least many of them – don't get the attention they deserve during their own lifetimes. 

One hundred years from now, what do you want people to think/ remember about you?

Well, I'm rather fond of what museum curator Peter Frank wrote about my work.

“MELISSA ANN LAMBERT produces images of profound depth and mystery, even when their sources and subjects are as familiar to us as our own names. Exploiting new technologies and new sources of visual material, Lambert conjures a world – perhaps a universe – that reveals its secrets and its complexities with a reticent grandeur, cloaking them in an obscurity resistant, but ultimately not immune, to the eye’s penetration. In this way, even when creating portraits of well-known people and including well-known things in her atmospheric compositions, Lambert poses us a gentle challenge, to come into her visual realm, where events unfold gradually and resonantly.”

-Peter Frank, 2012



Cho Hwa- M.A. Lambert


Personally, I love it when people see "math" and "science" in my work, and also many have observed that they see a depth to my work. I will give you another quote, written by Michael Ned Holte, who has contributed to Artforum Magazine.

" Employing an arsenal of digital tools, Melissa Lambert mines a hallucinatory territory embedded with personal codes and signals that lend her dizzying, pixelated surfaces unusual depth."
- Michael Ned Holte, writer Echoing Fields - M.A. Lambert

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