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Diana Zlotnick - Doppelganger, Flip Your Lid, Cang Moon, Floodlight, Luminaria, Echoing Fields, Luminiferous, Floodlight, Slipping, Joule, Bicontinuous, Moxa, Covalent, Triskelion, Prolegomena - Los Angeles





The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has named Diana one of the leading art collectors in California. Her specialty is finding, recognizing and collecting new artistic talent. Andy Warhol, Robert Raushenberg, Ed Rusha, Wallace Berman, George Herms, are a few of the artists she was among the first to collect. She has loaned to many museum exhibitions over the years, and her collection has been shown at Scripts College, USC, and CSULA galleries. She has served (1991-1994) as a trustee of the Laguna Beach Museum of Art. While a resident of the San Fernando Valley for many years, she has lent art to exhibitions in the college Art Gallery, as well as being a frequent LAVC gallery visitor. - Los Angeles Valley College






Diana Zlotnick began her career in the art world in 1958 with the purchase of a John Altoon painting.  Works by Daniel La Rue Johnson, George Herms, Llyn Foulkes, and Melvin Edwards soon followed.  For 45 years, she has primarily collected the works of Los Angeles based Contemporary Artists.  Her fundamental art education and most of the works chosen for collection evolved out of in-depth studio visits with the artists. Ms. Zlotnick’s forte has been the ability to select emerging artists, before their prominence, many of whom have later risen to acclaim in the International museum and gallery arenas. Many of the acquired pieces are about recycling; whether pop art, assemblage, or appropriation these works are alive with both a past and a present.  An intense interest in Contemporary Art and the desire to share the possibilities of what can be found therein led her to the publication of Newsletter on the Arts [NOTA]. The first issue came out in 1971. With the exception of a few intermittent years, it has been in continuous publication ever since. The initial impetus to circulate NOTA was as a communication system about those involved in the burgeoning L.A. art scene.  It consisted primarily of discussions and interviews with artists in their studios as well as reviews and recommendations of current exhibitions and art events. Nearly 35 years later, the founding focus has remained essentially the same.



She has been collecting my work since 2005.



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