Melissa Ann Lambert


-Melissa Ann Lambert

I am a Los Angeles based mixed media artist. 


I do work in many mediums, including watercolor, oil, gouache, graphite, pastel, and digital. Many the traditional media pieces are not on this website because they are waiting to be scanned. Please request a studio visit if you would like to see more.


Influences include geometry, particle physics, holonomic brain theory, mythology, and Jung's theories of synchronicity and the collective unconscious. Authors as diverse as Gary Zukav, Brian Greene, Daniel Goleman, Carlos Castaneda, Aldous Huxley, Joseph Campbell, William Blake, and Carl Jung have influenced my perception and vision.


I would be remiss not to discuss artists who have inspired me. At an early age I was exposed to Disney's Fantasia, Dr. Seuss, and Van Gogh, whom my mother loves. Only later was I exposed to the "greats" - and the one that stands head and shoulders in terms of shaping my newly forming acuity was Kandinsky.  Dorothea Tanning and Remedios Varo are recent inspirations.

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